110cc EZ (Honda replica) Bike For Sale in VV or VTE

Discussion in 'Bicycle, Motorcycle' started by jlgriffiths12, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    After a great two months of riding in Cambodia and Laos it's time to end my trip and sell my bike :(

    It's a Vietnamese registered (I have all the papers) Honda wave replica (easy to get parts and cheap), I have had no problems with the bike the whole time, apart from one flat tire.

    I have changed the oil, cleaned the air filter and carbaretta and recently strengthened the rack on the back too...

    The bike comes with two helmets, all registration and insurance documents needed to cross borders, rain jacket and trousers and a GT rider map of Laos.

    I am currently in Vang Vien, but I can be in Vientiene also if that makes it easier....

    Please email me with any interest @ jlgriffiths12@gmail.com

    Thanks so much guys, its a really great bike that has taken me on a great journey, but it's time to pass it on, all the best,

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