2 Motorbikes for sale in Vientiane, Kolao and Yincin

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    Me and my girlfriend are nearing the end of our trip around northern Laos so need to sell our motorbikes, both bikes are Laos registered. One is a KoreanLaos made Kolao Rio which have a good reputation and the other is a Yincin, which is one of the better chinese makes available. We have just covered around 3000km in the north of Laos without any major problems.

    Kolao $375, Yincin $175.

    If someone wants both bikes then $500 no offers. Sale will include two helmets, Laos-English dictionary, Laos Guide, road map, chain and locks.

    craigroginhw@aol.com or sazzlecape@hotmail.com

    We will be in Vientiane around the 18th of Jan but will be passing through Luang Prabang around the 14th and Vang Vieng around the 16th.

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