50 Inch Pioneer Hd Ready, 1080p Tv For Sale

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    50 inch Pioneer HD Ready, 1080p TV for sale

    ‘Kuro’ 9th Generation.
    Model number PDP-LX5090.
    3 years old.

    Sold with ‘Alphason’ glass stand, amplifier and 2 small speakers.
    Priced to sell at $1,000 US, no offers
    This TV is no longer available new. When new it cost $4,500. This is a quality TV
    From the Pioneer website: 'KURO' means black in Japanese. But not just any black, perfect black. And in the television world, black is everything. Black encompasses the entire spectrum of colour. The deepest black levels produce the purest colours and the sharpest details. Achieving the blackest blacks imaginable and building a screen that produces the absolute best picture quality in the world was the inspiration and driving force behind our newest flat screen TV. KURO lets you see literally every shade between black and white; the most vivid and flawless colours.
    This TV is sold complete with an ‘Alphason’ glass TV stand, an Amplifier and 2 small speakers. To hear this TV at its best I recommend that you purchase better speakers.
    This TV does not have built in speakers or a built in stand to sit on a flat surface. Remote control provided

    Call Chris for more info on: 20 5555 2033
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