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Discussion in 'Share a House' started by Malisa, Mar 12, 2013.

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    A nice room in a new constructed house for rent is now available from mid-May 2013.

    Full furniture, nice bed room with air con, TV, and small refrigerator, a small living room, kitchen and bathroom with hot shower and washing-machine, the rent room is like an apartment room because it includes every necessary things, and you don't have to share with others. As the house is just finished construction, so every thing inside is very new (bed, mattress, blanket, pillows, air con, TV, cupboard, sofa, refrigerator and etc....)

    The house is about 5 minutes from Patuxay, and the price is USD230 per month, included electricity and water.

    If you interest please contact me to my e-mail: coconut_flower@yahoo.com
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