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    Company overview: Buathip Trading Co., Ltd. (BTC) is the licensed distributor of the Lao Lottery’s newest scratch card lottery product: Scratch+Win. BTC has been operating for 3 over months and will be rapidly expanding into the third quarter of the next fiscal year. Competetive salary/bonus structure.

    Job Title: Accountant

    Position Type: Full-Time

    Job Description:

    The accountant will record, track and report of all financial activity of BTC. They will maintain accurate and current accounts and will prepare all financial statements required. They will be required to learn, understand and use Quick Books Accounting Software.

    Primary Duties:

    · Maintain accurate accounts using Quick Books Accounting Software.

    · Make all General Ledger entries

    · Build and maintain Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement)

    · Build and maintain Balance Sheet

    · Build and maintain Statement of Cashflows

    · Receive and record all revenue from the Sales Department

    · Prepare distributor and retailers’ accounts receivables and weekly accounting records.

    · Maintain and manage Accounts Payable.

    · Oversees the collection of all revenue

    Primary Qualifications:

    · Knowledge of Quick Books Accounting Software

    · Strong command of English language

    · Display extraordinary integrity, honesty and determination.

    · Hold a degree in a relevant field Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university in Accounting.

    · Have at least seven (5) years professional work experience managing accounts or auditing.

    We invite all qualified candidates to send an introductory email to along with their CV.

    For inquiries, please call: +856 20 98800110, +856 21 240229

    Check us out on Facebook!

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