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    Hi all,

    Am looking for a small group of Vientiane folks interested in learning/playing Catan from time to time. If you enjoy board games but don't know this one, it's one of the most awarded titles out there. I'm merely a casual gaming nerd, but Catan's strategy and complexity are truly well designed.
    I've a piping hot, brand new set of the Star Trek Catan, which is I think the most dynamic and well-tuned version of the venerable series.

    So, I'd like to use this space to gauge interest, please comment if you're interested in playing or have suggestions for a venue with booze, soft seats, and mellow volume. It would be fun to have a shifting small circle of folks who meet once or twice a month for casual play somewhere convenient.
    Please post any thoughts and questions, and with luck, I'll steal your port soon.

    all the best

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    I've never played this particular game series but I would be interested in learning. Used to play other board games as well as various card and miniature games but sadly have been out of it for awhile. I'm flexible on most nights/weekends so let me know...

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