Do You And Your Clients, Partners, And Employees Really Understand Each Other?

Discussion in 'Services & Businesses' started by Bounmy, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Every day I hear from people who tell me that they're not being heard or understood or can't understand someone they're working with, and it isn't just a language barrier.

    I offer services in assisting and supporting real communication. I worked as a legal interpreter for twelve years, helping Lao and English speakers understand each other in regards to tricky laws and agreements. I spent ten years negotiating contracts and explaining them to those who were impacted by them. I am fluent in English and Lao and have a Masters degree in Organizational Behavior.

    Take one day to sit down and communicate clearly now before small misunderstandings cost you in the future. I'm not offering interpreter services, I'm offering communication services. Rates are negotiable. I live in Vientiane but can travel. Send me a private message to get more information.
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