e-commerce in Laos?

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    I emailed Entreprise des Postes Lao (EPL?) for some shipping-from-Laos data earlier today. When my wife set up her online shop in Malaysia a few years ago, the lack of an adequate online shipping quotation service was quite an obstacle, so I wrote one. It's reasonably popular with Malaysian online shops, perhaps because it's free =p

    I'm visiting Vientiane for a few days later this month and while I was searching online for things to do noticed there's not much in the way of Lao online 'cottage industry' - is there a good reason for that? I'd be interested to know if there is any interest in e-commerce in Laos. I'll probably pursue EPL for some data anyway, just to add coverage to my service. It's not easy to demonstrate the little bit that I do without abusing someone's checkout, but here's a little demo that shows basically how the shipping quotes work:


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