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    Hello Everyone,

    Would you please forward this to friends and colleagues interested in art and/or folks who might want to help art students in Laos.

    I am currently teaching a video course here at the Faculty of Fine Arts Vientiane campus. I am trying to help them set up a media lab where students can work with video, graphics and the web. I am also helping them expand their library which is in serious need of books on modern and contemporary art from around the world.

    I am trying to collect as much equipment as possible. If you happen to have an old digital camera / camcorder, or computer or hardrives or maybe the NGO you work for has an old projector not being used we would love to have it.

    Basically, we are looking for the following things:

    A)COMPUTERS: any computer or laptop that has enough power and RAM to work with basic graphic programs.

    B)CAMERAS / CAMCORDERS: only film / tapeless ones since most students cannot afford to buy film / tapes.

    C)HARDRIVES: they need these if they are going to do any graphic or video work. These are also the modern library of anything digital.

    D)PROJECTORS: these are very important! They have become essential because they are a great tool to communicate what is on a laptop to a large group of students.

    E)BOOKS: art books that contain mostly images (the majority of students don’t speak/read English or French). We are looking primarily for books on 19th, 20th and 21st Century art from around the world.

    If you have something to donate please call us:

    SOULINYA (English, Lao) : 20 781-7338

    MARC (English, French) : 20 208-9716

    Thank you in advance for any support you might help us with.

    Marc Henrich

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