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    Welcome to! Please take a few minutes of your time to read the following rules of the forum and also a few advices on how to best use the website.

    Who are we?

    I (Olivier) started the website in April 2009 with the objective of making access to information in Laos easier. Since March 2013, James (JK) and Pierre (Petrus47) have joined the moderation team. They will help to keep the forum nice and informative.

    What are the rules of FindinLao?
    1. This website is dedicated to Lao-s and only messages related to Lao-s are authorised. Advertising jobs position outside Laos is therefore not authorised.
    2. Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated.
    3. Open only one thread per item and in the right forum.
    4. Don't Bump your thread more often than twice a month.
    5. Follow replies to your thread and whenever you want to close it, change the prefix of your own thread to [Closed] (see screenshots below)

    If you don't follow these rules, your messages can be edited or deleted without prior notice. Spam message or inappropriate behaviour can lead to a ban of the account.

    • We are nice people. :) We want to keep the place polite, friendly and useful for all.
    • Choose wisely the forum you are posting in.
    • Write an explicit title. Add a prefix if your post concern another area than Vientiane Capital.
    • Write a good description with all the information and edit your post if you want to add new information.
    • To avoid spam in your email inbox, do not write your email address. We recommend you to leave your mobile phone or invite members to contact you with a Private Message (PM)
    • Use PM to start a private conversation with other members. Only members that have already post at least one message on the website can start a conversation with other members. To start a conversation, click on the member name and then click on ‘Start a Conversation’.
    • Images make your post attractive. Only small images are accepted. If your images are too big (over 500k), you can use a software or a website such as to resize them.
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