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    Company overview: Buathip Trading Co., Ltd. (BTC) is the licensed distributor of the Lao Lottery’s newest scratch card lottery product: Scratch+Win. BTC has been operating for 3 over months and will be rapidly expanding into the third quarter of the next fiscal year.

    Position: General Manager

    Compensation: Extremely Attractive Salary for qualified candidate with bonuses for exemplary performance.

    Position Description: We are seeking an experienced, proffesional General Manager with proven success in management, sales, distribution, marketing and procurement procedures of a product based business. Must possess strong leadership, the ability to create, budget and execute detailed sales and distribution directives and is responsible for the corresponding reporting and accounting required by the position. Must possess a keen knowledge of the metrics involved in these fields. Must create, manage and execute marketing campaigns, events, festivals and sales promotions. Must have strong command of English and Lao.

    Reports to: President & Board of Directors

    Primary Function: The primary function of the General Manager is to build and expand the BTC’s nation wide sales and awareness network of Scratch+Win lottery games. This includes, but is not limited to, managing day-to-day operations, developing and executing sales/distribution directives and marketing campaigns to build and expand BTC’s nation wide sales network.

    Key Qualifications:

    · Proven success in building, managing and expanding a product based business.

    · Proven ability to forecast, budget and execute sales, distribution and marketing directives.

    · Proven success in effectively creating and managing a large sales and distribution network.

    · Strong financial background capable of inspecting all accounting and financial reporting.

    · The General Manager must be committed to long-term success.

    Extensive Travel Required. BTC has a very aggressive growth schedule which will require the General Manager’s ability to travel to new territories, oversee thorough due dilligence, locate qualified distribution and sales partners, close deals and launch sales in new territories.

    We invite all qualified candidates to send an executive summary email to along with their CV.

    For inquiries, please call: +856 20 98800110, +856 21 240229

    Check out our Facebook page!

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