Got Football and Teaching Skils?

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    The Chanthavone Football Club(T.C.F.C.) is welcoming volunteers from abroad to teach English to its youth football players.

    Children in Laos must have the opportunity for a successful start in education and sport regardless of age, gender, family composition, income or community. In response to this significant disparity, The Chanthavone Football Club was created to provide the football program necessary for Lao children to have equal opportunity for organized football.

    The purpose of T.C.F.C. is to enhance the development process of children in Laos through the sport of football. T.C.F.C. promotes the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play, teaching teamwork, self-discipline, trust, respect for others, and leadership skills.
    In addition to teaching football,T.C.F.C. is introducing a "Volunteer Abroad English Teaching" program.

    This program gives visitors in Laos a chance to benefit the local community by volunteering and teaching English. Visitors will interact with some of the most important people in Vientiane, the kids. For their time, T.C.F.C. will provide a made in Laos T.C.F.C. T-Shirt with the words "Teacher" on the back.

    For more information about volunteering or T.C.F.C., contact
    T.C. @ 02099110154 or email:
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