Honda Winn 100 $400

Discussion in 'Bicycle, Motorcycle' started by androograhn, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Perfect bike for road trips. Oil has been changed regularly and engine hasnt given me any problems. I dont know how many miles, it has been rebuilt and has a Japanese engine. I love this bike and would not be parting with it, except for the fact that Im a big guy and now have the finances to purchase something with a wider frame that will be more comfortable for me...

    but if you know how to drive a clutch, and dont want to spend 1000+ on a bike that will be reliable and get you out of the city, this bike will suit you perfectly. It has all the paperwork for travel into Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia!
    I have pictures but cant upload them on here, let me know and Ill email them to you.

    Get it while the gettin's good.
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