House with nice swimming pool for rent. Maison avec grande piscine a louer

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    House with swimming pool for rent. It's located at Thadeua Rd, far from downtown about 6km. This house has 7 rooms and 6 bathrooms aith large ground and many green trees. The rent is 1500USD per month. If you are interested in looking at this house, we are very pleased and willing to show it to you.

    Maison avec grande piscine en location. Cette maison est situee sur la rue Thadeua, pas tellement loin de l'ecole Hoffet. Elle a au total 7 chambres et 6 salles de bain. Le loyer est 1500USD per mois. Si vous y etes interesse, veuillez nous contacter et nous allons vous la faire visiter.

    Mob: 020 99990803. 2401446
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