Laos is not safe any more

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tea, Sep 6, 2010.

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    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I'm staying Wattai Yai where opposited Honda factory and near mekong river. I rented independent flat house with $250/month.

    My house been stolen last week, the thief came from the roof of the house then down to my room, he sprayed some special smell on the air, i slept like die.

    He messed up everything and took my laptop, camera, money etc. whatever he felt useful, even my candies. I could feel how relax when he's checking my house. He left from my back door.

    It's just a warning to all of you whoever staying in this peaceful country, it's not so safe anymore, if you can, try to keep those valuable items in the safty box, just in case some special visitors visit.

    Local policemen are not reliable, i spent $150 to invite them to help me, no answer. Or maybe i should spend more?

    I hope this kind of thing will not happen on any one of you, God bless!
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    That's a sad story - my sympathies to you.

    And thanks for the warning to the rest of us.

    I hope you do not have any more bad luck.


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