Logo contest for the Fang Mae Khong dance Festival - Deadline 30th of june

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    Lao Bang Fai Association and A’Corps Dance Company are preparing the Fang Mae Khong Festival, the very First International Dance Festival to be held in Laos at the beginning of 2010!

    The Festival's main objectives are:

    − to support the young artists of the Mekong River neighbouring countries;
    − to improve the international recognition of local artists, having them meet professional artists and producers from abroad;
    − to achieve mutual understanding by sharing the cultures of the Mekong Basin countries.

    The Festival's organizers launch a Logo Contest. This contest is a unique opportunity for all amateur and professional graphic designers living in Laos to express their talent. The logo must be related to the nature and objectives of the Fang Mae Khong Festival.
    The winning logo will be selected for its originality and its creativity.

    The winner will receive:

    ➢ 100 dollars
    ➢ a VIP Pass to attend all the shows
    ➢ free access to dance courses and workshops

    Deadline for submission is fixed on
    June 30th, 2009.

    Participants must send their proposal at the following address : fangmaekhong@gmail.com

    The proposal must be accompanied by personal informations (name, surname, age, phone number, email, occupation)

    For any further request, please contact:
    020 77 04 445 (lao/english) or 020 755 67 93 (french/english)e
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    Last information : the logo contest will finally last one month more. !!!!

    Please send us your proposal before 30th of july !

    Best regards.

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