looking for 2 roommates to share a 4 rooms house. Dec 15th 125usd/month (each)

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    We are 4 people staying in Vientiane but two of my roommates are leaving in december/ mid-december so we're looking for new mates. Both of the 2 rooms have fan and aircon and one has a private bathroom with hot water, the other needs to share the bathroom with me but it has never been a problem with the other roommates.
    There is a washing machine, a fridge, a stove, a fresh water fountain, 2 tv.... 3 floors.... the price is 125 usd per room/month.
    The house is located in Ban Phonetongchommany, not so far from the circus.
    People willing to share more than "just the rent" are even more welcome!
    Feel free to call or email us.
    Charles, 24, french;
    c.milbledducher@gmail.com 22744502; 99301906
    Stoopwaffel, 24, dutch; 54005766
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