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Discussion in 'Share a House' started by ClineFa, Mar 26, 2011.

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    Hello !

    I'm french girl of 25 years old and I arrived in Vientiane on Friday (25/03). I stay in Vientiane for 4 months (until start of august) for an internship with the NAHC (National Animal Health Center). The start of my intership has been complicated, so i couldn't looked for a housing (presently i'm in a guest house but... it's too expensive for a long time) and currently i'm looking for a room to rent with flatmates if it's possible ! Indeed, after several years of roommate i think it's really nice :)

    if you have a room or if you want we looking for a flat together, please contact me ! cfaverjon@gmail.com (i have not yet phone number !)

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