Looking for other coeliacs or people following a wheat free diet

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    I am looking for people following a gluten free diet in Vientiane to share food orders from abroad, recommend each other places to go and eat locally, and identify together those local products we can and can't eat. I also have a nice gluten free restaurant card.
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    Following such a diet in Vientiane is I assume not very easy.
    I would avoid any food I don't prepare myself with known products.
    Even in Falang restaurant, the simple requirements I make are not respected : no chilly, no pepper.

    I would not have confident in Thai manufactured product either.. their labels are often very much incomplete to say the less.

    May be you should create a Facebook on the subject "Coeliacs In Laos and Thailand ?"

    The only positive thing I can think of you is that Spirulina is grown in Laos : I am producing it ! 100% spirulna = 100% gluten free

    Do you know spirulina ?
    It can help to balance your diet (if you have not yet succeeded to find the informations needed to get a balanced one) and you can use fresh spirulina as a food (it is far less expensive as the dried one)

    I am afraid that our website http://spirulinea.com is nearly 100 % in French language but you will find easily elsewhere information about spirulina in your own language

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