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    We are a family of four, we have two young children: Anjali, 9 years and Himali 5 years old. We already have a maiban, a gardener and a tuk-tuk driver for shopping and taking children to school. We are looking for someone who can communicate in English and will

    1) Take care of the children: ensure that they are always clean and eat properly, take them to school and bring them back; accompany them to other activities such as swimming pool, library, extra-curriculum activities, etc. (50% of the time)
    2) Coordinate activities of the other staff, manage bills and ensure that everything is working properly in the house; occasionally accompany us for shopping to negotiate prices, etc. (10% of the time).
    3) Assist the other maiban in cleaning the house, ironing, etc. (40% of the time)

    We are looking for someone with some education and some management capacity. Perfect English is not required as long as we can understand each other. We offer attractive salary and other incentives. Ideally the position should go to a young and pro-active person. Our previous maiban took this job as an opportunity to further her education, learn English and has now found an office job.

    Please contact Jean-Marc at or Rajwantee at
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