Looking For: Used Dslr With Good Video

Discussion in 'For Sale, Looking For' started by chinaski, Sep 26, 2013.

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    I'm looking for a used DSLR with good video capabilities, preferably full frame and a corresponding standard zoom/kit lens or something like a 50mm F1.8. Models that I have in mind:

    Canon 5D Mark II
    Canon 6D
    Nikon D600

    Nikon 24-85mm f4 3.5-4.5
    Canon 24-70 f4
    Canon 24-105 f4

    This what I'm looking for IDEALLY :) I'd look into anything that someone can offer... Or tips on where to buy (second-hand stores in Udon Thani? Bangkok?) Although I have been a long time Nikon user, I'd probably prefer Canon, as the photographer scene around here seems to use mainly Canon.
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