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Discussion in 'For Sale, Looking For' started by bryanforst, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. bryanforst

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    Hey All,
    My wife and I are looking for 2 tables:
    1. one large enough for 2 laptops and easy to move around
    2. Longer (48 inches or so) and narrow (24 inches) high enough to be used in a kitchen
    We've looked around and can see the huge, heavy, ornately carved stuff, the Ikea stuff (too rickety and pretty expensive), the places out past That Luang (same).
    Does anyone know of places to go, or have furniture to sell, that is basic wood, solid and reasonably priced?

    I should add that tables in coffee places like Nomad and Naked Espresso are exactly what we want as laptop work tables. I will ask but I guess restaurants all get their furniture from Thailand?

    thanks for any advice
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