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    We are soon to leave Laos and, unfortunately,need to find new homes for our pets.
    There are two dogs and two cats. All are indoor/outdoor animals. All for FREE to suitable parents.

    Tilly is about 1 and a half years old. We received her the day she gave birth to her first, and only, litter of puppies. She is an extremely friendly, gentle dog that loves to go for walks. She gets along well with both people and other dogs. She is all black and stands about a foot high at the shoulder.
    All her vaccinations are current and she has been de-sexed.

    Juice is orange and is Tilly's daughter. She is eight and a half months old. She is very cute but is a bit nervous, especially around children. She stands a few inches higher than her mother.

    Her vaccinations are current. She has yet to go into heat and so has not been de-sexed.
    The cats were rescued as infants and are believed to be brothers. I think they are about nine months old. Fabio is the black one. He can be demanding around feeding time and loves attention. He is the dominant of the two. His brother,Rafael, likes to spend most of his time indoors. He is very quiet and laid-back.

    If interested in any of them, please contact Rich at completelysideways@gmail.com or message 020765 17505

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