Mercedes-Benz 220 E 1996 US$9,300 tax paid

Discussion in 'Cars for Sale' started by VTE Longtimer, Dec 15, 2012.

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    I am selling this Benz for US$9,300 or best offer. It's in great condition and has been a reliable car. Parts are easily available from any mechanics by ordering relatively inexpensive from Bangkok (thousands of 1990s Benz's in Thailand). I have been servicing the car at two Falang mechics/garages in Vientiane. Taxes are paid (yellow/black plate).

    Great condition
    4-cylinders petrol (gasoline) engine
    Automatic transmission
    Charcoal colour (newly painted)
    Leather seats (immaculate)
    A/C in excellent condition
    Power windows
    Alloy wheels
    Michelin tires (brand new)
    New breaks
    New mufflers

    Please call Bjorn at 020 5590 9459

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