Movies in Vientiane?

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    Having just moved here, I've hunted around for movies - but can't find any. (Real movies, not Thai shoot-em-ups.)

    There are rumours of movies shown at the French, German and Australian embassies. But these seem to be poorly advertised. You can see an ad with details if you travel to the venue itself to read it - but there doesn't seem to be anything to look up online.

    I can't see anything in the Vientiane Times either, though people have said ads are there.

    Is there somewhere with good information on movies showing at these places, or elsewhere?

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    Hi Johnmac,

    You can subscribe to a weekly newsletter from the french center (english and french) with movie projection schedule there :

    There are usually ads in town when the german embassy organize cinema events. Don't know if there are regular projections.
    Please kindly post here if you have news.


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