Moving Sale: New I-style Phone; Honda Wave; Digital Camera; And More

Discussion in 'For Sale, Looking For' started by David7, Nov 4, 2013.

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    The end of my work contract is nearing and I will be selling many household items. I have photos of all items, but just not worth uploading all of them here. Any item you are interested in, please email me and I'll send you pics and we can talk about when you can come to see each item.

    Please contact me at:

    for full list, prices, photos, etc. Tell me what you're interested in and I'll give you full details. I live near Wat Ong Teu and Hotel Salana in central Vientiane - so easy and convenient for you to pick-up.

    Here are some things I'm selling (some available now, others not available until mid-December 2013).

    1. i-Mobile i-Style Q5 (Thai fake iPhone) bought for 1,470,000 LAK on March 28, 2013. New condition, barely used, with receipt and still under warranty. Comes with 2 SIM cards (Lao Telecom and ETL and both with close to 100,000 LAK credit on each SIM). Selling for USD $150. Great deal. Available end of November.

    2. Books - lots of books in English with focus on travel (LP guidebooks for all countries in SE Asia and region); non-fiction (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, related themes); fiction (various quality novels in English); Lao and Thai/English dictionaries, phrasebooks and more. Prices from 70,000 kip (for brand new and higher quality items) to 10,000 kip for used and lesser quality items.

    3. Set of dumb-bells (2) at 15 pounds each (bought at Home Ideal for 189,000 Kip each or 378,000 total) - selling both for 200,000 kip. Great deal!

    4. Digital camera: Canon SX30is (about 2 years old) comes witth charger, rechargeable battery, and 2 gb memory card. Flash is not working but can be fixed. Great camera but getting old. Originally paid USD $450. Selling for USD $75

    5. Honda Wave 110i - bought brand new at New Chip Xeng in Vientiane for USD $2,000 on March 9, 2013. All original papers, original receipts, license plates and registration. Two helmets (one bought for $130 in USA), Honda jacket and bag. Only 1,300 kms - like new. Selling for USD $1,700 OBO. Available between December 15-22. Deposit required before November 15 if you are interested.

    6. 2 large wall maps; one of Asia and the other of the World. Bought at Monument Books in Vientiane for 326,000 LAK . Selling for 50,000 kip each (100,000 LAK for both).

    7. Can opener - new, bought from Home Ideal. Selling for 20,000 kip.

    8. Plastic and metal shelving (small used for kitchen and/or bathroom) bought at Home Ideal. Selling plastic for 25,000 kip and metal for 50,000 kip.

    9. Mosquito net. Double bed size. Never used (still in package) and bought in USA. Green color. 80,000 LAK.

    10. Beeline SIM card (available around December 22) with about 90,000 LAK credit on it - selling for 50,000 LAK.

    11. Beeline 3G internet dongle 21 Mbps - unlimited internet - available December 22. It will have unlimited internet paid until January 11, 2014. Bought for 350,000 LAK on May 25, 2013. One month unlimited internet is 130,000 LAK per month. Selling for 300,000 LAK.

    12. Mens' suits and mens' dress shirts and ties. Size large and x-large (American). Very cheap.
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    You might want to open a separate thread for for your motorbike. Also, it would be better not to have duplicated threads. So I close this one and let you update the other one.
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