paddy field of 1 ha for sale at 500,000 baht

Discussion in 'Land for Sale' started by santi, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Paddy Field for sale
    Area: 1 ha (>6 rai)
    Where: Behind Nongseuam, Saythani District, VTE, which is not so far from the city + good road condition
    Price: 500,000 Baht, reasonably cheap?
    Don’t doubt, it is cheap because
    • it is not a golden land title yet, but once the government issue a permanent land title, the price will be rocketed up.
    • There is no issue or problem behind
    • I need to have cash to continue to build my house
    To help you to decide if it is safe for you to buy please refer to the following articles of the Land Law of Lao PDR (you may cross check with the original legal document):
    Article 17: Agricultural land use right
    One hectare per one laborer in a family can gain land title use
    Article 18: the transfer of agricultural land right: once the agricultural land has been exploited in compliance with agricultural purpose for three years, you have the right to make request to province authority concerned to issue a golden land title.
    Also think about, despite people have the permanent land title, there is also a risk for being used for public project.
    Better not to miss this chance as cheap land is hard to find. Interested please call me Santi 23040439 or so that on the weekend I can take you to see the land.
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