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    Do you know that 600,000 inhabitants of Vientiane use 20 plastic bags a month each? This adds up to 144 million bags a year.

    A 2008 research study by SERCASIA estimated that almost 95% of users don’t know where their plastic bags wind up and less than 15% of used bags were recycled.

    Going beyond the numbers, SERCASIA has produced “From Banana Leaves to Plastic Bags” to focus discussion on how plastic waste impacts the health of individuals and the environment.

    The short film follows a plastic bag collector and plastic recyclers in Vientiane to show what happens to waste and what can be done to recycle more of it. Our ultimate goal is to reduce consumption of plastic and minimize environmental dangers.

    The file can be viewed on You Tube by following this link:

    SERCASIA is a leading research and consulting firm specializing in quantitative and qualitative surveys probing issues in public health, gender inequality, migrant welfare and environmental issues in Southeast Asia. Among our valued clients are UN agencies and international nongovernmental organizations based in the region.

    SERCASIA is available to show the video and discuss recycling in Vientiane.

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