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Discussion in 'Services & Businesses' started by pranaman, Mar 1, 2013.

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    got a deal on this house, but, as they say, you get what you pay for. it needs some work, and need to find someone who can help.

    1. we have no front door. rather, a gate that is difficult to close. would like to use a grinder, and find someone who can repair it properly.

    2. skylights, or lights installed. in this lao style house, there are no lights over the sink, so it's hard to do dishes. seems there was a semi-clear roofing material that allowed light in, but it's been replaced with standard, non translucent material.

    3. leaky faucet. not a big deal, just need a new washer i am sure.

    4. low water pressure. intermittent. in the bathroom, we have 3 outputs - sink, shower, and one in the wall. sink one almost trickles, wall one is strong, shower is passable. all are stronger at night!

    is there a way to make one, the sink water pressure stronger?

    so, looking for a repair man or a handy person for the above.
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