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    Job Title: Sales Representative

    Company overview: Buathip Trading Co., Ltd. (BTC) is the licensed distributor of the Lao Lottery’s newest scratch card lottery product: Scratch+Win. BTC has been operating for 3 over months and will be rapidly expanding into the third quarter of the next fiscal year. Competetive salary/bonus structure.

    Job Title: Sales Representative

    Position Type: Full-Time/Part-Time

    Job Description:

    Sales Representatives are very important to the business of Buathip Trading Co., Ltd. They are responsible for the timely, courteous and professional selling of all products and information to distributors, retailers and customers. They are also responsible for field customer service. Perform the following duties:

    · Report to the Sales and Distribution Manager

    · Act as direct sales representative to all distributors, retailers and customers.

    · Facilitate and close sales agreements.

    · Directly participate in the expansion of the Scratch+Win sales network.

    · Must understand and be able to clearly communicate company terms and conditions, products, vision and ethos as well as refer all inquires to appropriate superiors.

    · Fuel and Phone Allowance

    · High Sales commission

    · High Sales bonuses

    Primary Qualifications:

    · Must be confident and independent

    · Demonstrate ability to present and sell company products

    · Well-spoken, respectable and dynamic.

    · Have a valid driver’s license

    · Have personal transportation

    · Demonstrate ability to carry out assigned tasks with dignity, efficiency and class.

    We invite all qualified candidates to send an introductory email to along with their CV.

    For inquiries, please call: +856 20 98800110, +856 21 240229

    Check us out on Facebook!

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