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Discussion in 'Bicycle, Motorcycle' started by albertrum, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. albertrum

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    Hi Guys...

    I just moved to Vientiane...and everyone has already told me that for that real Lao experience i need to have a KOLOA Senata.

    Currently i am walking biking and hitching rides to work and back...but i realize that with the lovely rainy season upon us...i might have to have a more permanent and faster mode of transport.

    So please...if you have ana old Koloa standing in the yard...or you know of someone who knows someone...let me know.

    You can contact me on 020 781 689 46 TIGO...or

  2. Olivier

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    Hi albertum!

    and welcome in Vientiane. If you really want that real Lao Experience, it is KOLAO sOnata.

    Have a look there:

    According to that post, the owner is leaving today! Might be a perfect timing.

    I have moved this post to the right section of the forum (i.e. FINDINLAOS - LAOS FORUMS AND ADS » VEHICLES » BIKES FOR SALE)
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