SJK LAO Co.,LTD Wanted New Staff...

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    SJK LAO Co.,LTD(A Member of Seoul alloy Metal Group)

    Wanted New Staff.
    Korean(Speak Lao Language) - 한국인(라오어회화 가능자)
    Laotian(Speak Korean Language) - 현지인(한국어회화 가능자)

    -Jobs Summary-
    Working Area : In LAOS
    Education : Education irrelevant
    Type of work : -
    Career : New(Korean available)
    Preferred : English Conversation Available
    Salary: company bylaws

    Tel. 020-2323-2356
    Office. 501, 503 Alounmai Building P.O.Box:8156, Vientiane Lao.
    Factory. Lot307 Km 10, Savan Park.
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