Suzuki Hayate 125cc For Sale for 875 $ in Vientiane/Pakse

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    Suzuki Hayate 125cc, model 2008, 17000 km.

    Besides the ownership papers, you will be provided with all necessary documents to cross the borders to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

    You will need only a copy of your passport to transfer the scooter to your own name. It will take 30 days. But you have to drive to Cambodia to do that because the scooter has a Cambodian number plate. You can drive without any problems in Laos and Thailand. It will cost you 25000 KIP (3$) per month (30 days). You can extend as many times as you want for 25000 KIP. For Thailand it costs 100 Baht (3$) for a month.

    The scooter is well maintained. For the next 20000 km you do not have to replace anything. Only engine oil every 1500 km, and gear oil every 5000 km. It even has brand new tires.

    The price is 875 USD.

    For info call: 020 58841397 in Vientiane/Pakse

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