The Mekong Rowing Club sells

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    The Mekong Rowing Club sells:

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]One single skull, Virus Turbo Skiff with sliding rigger. Polyethylene, length 4,80m.
    The rowing boat comes with one pair of sport oars.
    USD 1,500.-

    [*]One double skull, Virus Club Yole with sliding seats. Polyethylene, length 4,50m.
    The rowing boat can be rigged as single, single with passenger or double, and comes with two pairs of sport oars.
    USD 2,000.-

    Paperwork in order.

    Check the specifications of the boats at the manufacturer’s website

    Experienced rowers are encouraged to venture on a test run on the Mekong – please contact for appointment.
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