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    Lao art media is seeking for new talents:

    If you want to work on TV projects as:
     -TV host / actor
     -script (if you know how to write)
     -producer (if you know about audio and/or video editing)
     -If you know how to shoot with a video or photo camera
     -If you know how to draw
     -If you feel like an original or creative person

    We’re also looking for:
    -1 IT tech, for a fulltime job (Good english required).
    -1 direction assistant, for a fulltime job, able to speak, read and write in French or English.

    Beginners are welcome, if they have motivation, and the will to learn.

    If you're interested, please send an email at: laoartmedia@gmail.com (cv + motivation letter)
    or call:
    -207580575 (english or french only)
    -021 251081 107 to get an appointment with M. Amatha.
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